Dear Patient:

We have undergone a system change. As of April 29th, 2020, patient accounts for dates of service prior to April 29th 2019, were transferred to Bureau of Medical Economics (BME.)

To make a payment for these dates, please contact BME at 602.252.3469.

For dates of service on or after April 29, 2019, please call 1 (888) 418-4732.

Thank you for having your radiology/imaging services performed by Southwest Diagnostic Imaging.



The final product of a radiologist is a diagnostic report. Providing appropriate, effective care begins with an accurate and complete diagnosis. SDI is committed to providing the highest level of patient care through subspecialty radiologists. This dedication is reflected not only in our clinical excellence but also how we interact with patients and referring physicians. Our ability to provide the most advanced imaging services is not only made possible through the use of leading-edge technology but also through relationships with leaders in the healthcare industry, such as Banner Health, HonorHealth, and Iasis Healthcare.


Defining quality in radiology can be represented in many ways, such as increased efficiency and reducing costs. At SDI we do more than talk about quality. Our peer review activities fully support diagnostic quality assessment and improvement which has a positive effect on patient care. Since quality is viewed in a comprehensive way, our radiologists use imaging to improve quality of care and patient outcomes. We are committed to delivering care in a way that will avoid unnecessary diagnostic imaging studies by promoting the selection of the most clinically appropriate study based on our patient's needs.


We believe value is not just monetary but includes high quality service, clinical efficiency, and meeting expectations. SDI is a forward thinking practice that collaborates with other like-minded physicians by sharing best practices with experienced radiology business professionals. We invest in the latest diagnostic technology and our radiologists subspecialize in neuroradiology, nuclear radiology, pediatric radiology, and vascular and interventional radiology. Our customer feedback program is vital in improving customer satisfaction by paying attention to detail and the efficiency of our patient visits.

Welcome to Southwest Diagnostic Imaging

At SDI we are focused on providing the best service with cost-efficient diagnostic imaging while improving patient care.